21 de marzo de 2009

Rafael Rodriguez Rapún & Federico García Lorca

I think of you very, very much. It is very difficult to stop seeing somebody you have spent all hours of the day for a long time & very difficult to forget. Much more difficult if you feel so powerfully attracted by that person as I am by you. But as you will come back, I am relieved by thinking that those hours can repeat again. I need to go back to work. Now I have already written something, and allthough I know you deserve more, I may finish now. I will keep writting frecuently. With all the love from somebody that does not forget you. Letter of Rafael Rodriguez Rapún to FEDERICO. sometime in spring 1933. Note: Letter that Rafael wrote as Federico went to Argentina in 1933. The power of attraction of Federico was so strong that nobody could survive to it. Federico was friendly, warm, clever, funny...very charismatic. Rafael was completely "caught" by Federico. Friends of Federico used to say "when Federico is there, the weather is not cold or hot, the weather is...Federico" ...Federico was fusilated in Granada on the 18th of august 1936, just at the beginning of the Civil War, by the facist militarys which took the power in the city of Granada. As soon as Rafael received the new of the death of Federico, he recruited in the republican army. People who fighted with him said that he was "specially courageous, that he allways was the first one, the most activ, the one that risked more"... Rafael died in the camp during a battle on the 18th of august 1937, EXACTLY one year after the death of Federico...

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