22 de febrero de 2009

Happy birthday in Canada

I know of some people who are having birthday on the other side of the world, Magog, & Waterville in Quebec, Canada... Family Pomerleau are having this week big celebrations, then 3 members of the family do have birthday: They are all relatives of Robert Pomerleau: mother, doughter & sister in love. In fact the big family supper took place yesterday, they all were together the whole evening. The one I know most of is: Noemie Pomerleau, next february 24th she will be 14 years old... As a birthday present she is travelling with her schoolmates to...COSTA RICA!!! Great trip. I wish she has an unforgettable experience...& comes back speaking a little bit of spanish...which she can teach it to her father... I know her father is a bit nervous, helping her with all the preparations...he is so busy, that does not have any minute free to come to the computer & write something to the other side of the world. I wish a nice trip to Noemie & wish her as well Happy Birthday!...make it unforgettable...ok??

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