21 de febrero de 2009

Maria Angustias

Well, I´d like to introduce myself, I´m Maria...Maria Angustias "Anguish"..awfull name for a woman, but the explanations is that Granada, Spain is my home city & here, many women are "Angustias". The Madonna of "Las Angustias" is the Patron of the city...it is not strange to be called "Angustias" here...of course, outside Granada, everybody get very strange when they hear it... then, in those cases, I´m just Maria.
Let´s say half of the people I know, call me Maria Angustias, they are those living in Granada...& half of the people I know call me Maria...those living outside Granada.
The Maddonna represents the moment in which Maria carries her dead son on her knies, a very dramatical scene. We have very nice figures of this scene in Granada. I found some while surfing in Internet
Now I attache two representations of the Madonna of Las Angustias, the representative one in Granada, the own Patron of the city...& then, the most beautiful one of the world, the "pieta" of Michelangelo...

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Guti dijo...

I can say it is true, I know myself sombebody with that name, the girl lives in Granada too.