23 de febrero de 2009

Penelope Cruz today

Pe (Penelope Cruz) won yesterday the 2009 Oscar of the Academy for her supporting role in Vicky, Cristina Barcelona. The film is a great creation of Woody Allen, a very unexpected film as it goes on. It begins with certain expectations that change completely at the end of it. The argument is very "crazy", like the role of Pe. Woody Allen won in 2002 the Prince of Asturias Award of Arts, & he promised he would make a film in Spain to thank the country for this award. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is his expression of gratitude, a great film, in the style of Woody Allen, & where the cities of Barcelona & Oviedo look great. Penelope looked beautiful with her vintage dress of Pierre Balmain. Penelope said yesterday in the Press Conference that she had seen the dress 8 years ago hanging in the shop & she thought she wanted to wear it sometime. Last week she went again to the shop & the dress was still there, so she chose it forher greatest night. The dress is 60 years old, it has been so long waiting for her. Spanish is spoken in Hollywood. Last year Javier Barden thanked The Academy for his Oscar as supporting actor in "No Country for old Men" giving part of his speech in spanish & this year it was Penelope...talking about her origins in Alcobendas, a small town in Madrid. Congratulations

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