14 de junio de 2009

Festival de Cines del Sur...Shirin

We have this week a film festival, the third edition meanwhile. The festival is called "Festival de Cines del Sur" something like "Films from the south" & they are films coming mainly from African & arab countries, allthough some films are as well indians, chinese, cuban & mexican this year. The film I went to today was from Iran called "Shirin", a very "special film", then the only thing that you see are the faces, one by one, of the 114 iranian women invited to see a famous old film of the country, telling the story of a princess "Shirin", princess of Armenia, who felt in love of Khoshru, king of Persia, & about their impossible love...you don´t see the film, you only see the faces & the reactions & the expressions of these 114 beautiful women as the film goes on...very interesting. The women, really beautiful, beautiful dark eyes, it is the thing that has impressed me mostly of the film, their beauty...And among them, as one more of them..Juliette Binoche!!...as I was looking at her, I was thinking she was very alike her, but I was thinking...no way, she is only very alike her...I stayed in the room during the credits...it was Juliette Binoche!!

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