13 de mayo de 2009

Federico García Lorca...THE END

"Papá, por favor, entrega al dador dos mil pesetas" TRANSLATION: "Papa, please, give 2000 pesetas to the carrier of this message" This is the last letter written by Federico García Lorca. It was written on the 16th of august 1936 as he was already arrested. Probably he got the blackmail of his watcher...if his father paid, he would do his best to liberate him... Of course the father paid...& of course it didn´t help. 2000 pesetas was a lot of money at that time...a lot. Federico was fussilated in the night from 17th to 18th of august in an open fied between Alfacar & Viznar, Granada. He needed an extra shut, he didn´t dye inmediately. His body is still in the same place where he died, there is a monument on his memory & all the people fussilated during the civil war. The father of Federico went finally on exile to USA. His grandson (age 7 at that time) remembers taking the hand of his grandfather on the ship & hearing from him, crying "I will never come back to this fucking country". He survived 6 years in the exile, as he died, he was still carrying that last handwritten note of his son in his purse... FEDERICO...THE END

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