11 de mayo de 2009

Hay Festival, closing event

The Hay Festival Granada finished yesterday with a great concert held by two african music bands. It was going to be a long concert, double concert, first Seckou Keita, from Senegal (great group, pure african music, a lot of rythm) the most intesting thing is how he played the harp lute, a very artesanal instrument that sounds half a harp & half a guitar... I liked it very much... The second, Toumani Diabaté, from Mali, completely different music, this time more armonie & less rythm. This band played more quiet music, all dressed in beautiful tunics, I was imagining them sitting at night in the middle of the dessert playing their music, very nice too. The concert finished very late, very, very late. Seckou Keita has offered during the Hay Festival 2 workshops of african percussion where the participants could bring their own djembe or any other instrument & play together, the idea was to compose a song during the workshop that could be played at the end of it. Second year of the Hay Festival, we all hope it comes again next year, it is a pleasure to hear so many interesting people together in only one week.

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