15 de mayo de 2009

Suzanne Vega, concert at the Huerta San Vicente

This is the closest I got to her...& the best photo of her I could take. The Huerta an Vicente, summer house of Family García Lorca is just behind. She sung all the songs I remember, she even sung two songs composed in Granada (I had not known it) "Rosmary" &"Carmen of Martires" "My name is Luka" was sung half in spanish & half in english. The sound was great, & her voice, just the same I remember. The concert was held in the big explanade in front of the house-museum, & was place for many people....I remember the first concerts at the Huerta, taking place behind the house, concerts for only 200 people, that was a great luxus! 2001 we saw & heared Devid Byrne...
Now they held it in the big explanade, for over 1000 people...not the same. she was very far from us. Next year I won´t buy the ticket, I will see the concert from the street, it will be very simmilar, the sound could be heared on the other end of the street... I searched in youtube & found this song, a song she composed as she was 17 years old... she fell in love...a "summer romance"...It used to be my favourite song of her, liked it much more than "Luka" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zpy3sRBMTrI

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