22 de marzo de 2011

¿Me merezco el novio que tengo?

... Todos nos merecemos lo que tenemos (bueno y malo)... así que, quiero pensar que sí me lo merezco... Pero hay que decir que es Robpomguapo es increíble, genial! Se enteró de que había perdido algunos de mis Cd´s favoritos... no los encuentro por ningún lugar de la casa... y !me los ha regalado!... !los ha vuelto a comprar! Ayer me llegó la banda sonora de Frida por Amazon.com! Gracias, mil gracias!... Besos, mil besos... por todas partes... !de la cabeza a los pies!

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Robpom dijo...

I saw « Incendies » in December. I loved the movie. I am interested in the situation in the Middle East and read about it. I feel the movie shows well the situation in Lebanon and the stirrings between the people in daily life. The ending was as good as the intrigue all along the story. The images, the scenario and the actors were great. I was glued to my seat and totally into the film. Denis Villeneuve is a great movie director. His previous movie was “Polytechnique” about the true story of the murder of young women studying engineering at University of Montreal. Villeneuve, when about 18-20 years old, had also participated to a TV show called “Course Europe-Asie” (Europe-Asia Race). Each week, the participants had to make a short video about the country they were visiting. He won the 1st place.
I am also glad that our Quebec cinema is producing movies with stories outside our country. Our movies repertoire has grown. I am thinking about another movie “La Cité” from Kim Nguyen. A film about the plague in a mountain city of a fictitious Arab country in the end of 1800s or early 1900s. Magnificent images.
See http://www.cinoche.com/films/la-cite/index.html